Olden days. Life as an Inca boy

(Ms Morris – this is for Xavier`s olden days study for class)

If I was a little boy in machu picchu i would sleep on animal skin and for light we would make a fire. For food i would eat animals like llamas, rabbits and guinea pigs. I could play in the tunnels.


i would pray to gods at the temple of 3 windows and the temple of the condor.

I could hike up the wayanapicchu mountan to look out for enemies.

If I went to another town I would have to walk along a hand made path across a cliff. The path has a huge drop off, way, way down. On the path is the inca bridge. the inca bridge is made for any other enemies coming to defeat us. We would lift up the bridge and the enemies couldnt get across it because there was a big rock down below and if they went down they would get stuck there forever.


I could walk up to the observatory. The rock was carved to face the sun. there was some terracing that we grew our crops on. in one of the walls there was a rock carved that had 32 sides to fit like a jigsaw.


in the walls of my house there were sticky out rocks that we can tie our roof on with. for the roofs we use leaves and grass. For windows and for doors we use animal skins on cold nights. The toilets are just holes in the ground that you poo and wee in.


For fun in one of the ruins, there is a cave that I can have fun in.

On the sides of their paths there were lots of mini aqueducts. One of them came out and made lots of waterfalls.

in the walls next to the path there is a sticking out piece of rock that we put fire on to light up the path so we could see where we are going.

I would eat some types of plants and there were holes in the rocks that we use to put the plants and animals in to grind them up with rocks.




bolivian thermal baths. 

Today we went to two thermal baths.  
😀.  At the first bath there were these bugs that lived on the algae. When they bite you they itch you. At the first one before we went into the thermal bath there was a lake covered in ice. We broke into the ice and we threw the ice on the lake. Overnight when we were camping it was like about -10degreesC. In the tent my drink bottle froze. 
We then packed up and drove to the next thermal bath. It was awesome. The feel of the water was really nice. It was really nice and warm. It was heated by the super hot water under the ground. It then bubbled out to the thermal bath. 

It was Holly’s fourth birthday when we went to the thermal baths. We got her a my little pony and her name was princess Cadence.

the stars at night

We went to see an observatory.(it was awesome). It is a big telescope that looks at stars. At the end of the tour we bought some stickers. 

We also went to a mini observatory at night. We looked at Jupiter, and lots of stars. I could see the Milky Way and the Southern Cross. We also saw two shooting stars or meteors.

volcanoes and scorpions. 

 We were camping in the middle of nowhere in a national park(it was a volcano national park).
We climed a volcano on Bens birthday.   When we climed the volcano it was hard. 
When we were camping in the middle of nowhere we saw two scorpions and we also saw cactii.


I climbed a volcano!!!! 
We went on a huge walk to a volcano called Chaiten.  On the way to the top of the volcano there was bad weather! At the top of the volcano it was scary because it was windy and cold and because it was really steep, there was a huge drop off on both sides. At the top of the volcano we had to turn back because it was too windy and cold and it was raining very heavily and there was some hail. There were these tiny creeks going down where we needed to go to the bottom of the volcano. I walked in them and my shoes were wet. 
When the volcano bubbled lava out it hit the beautiful dome of the volcano. 

In April, 2008, the earth quakes stated to wobble the volcano Chaiten. On May 2nd, 2008 volcano Chaiten did a huge eruption. It covered the whole town of Chaiten in ash. Everyone was evacuated before the ash hit the town. No one died. 


The glacier Perito Mereno was awesome we used our own super powers to make a chunk of ice fall and It worked (it was loud!) 5km wide 60m high that’s how high Perito Mereno is.

A glacier is a really long bit of snow and ice. Sometimes they can be on water but most of the time they are in mountains. When it snows, the snow goes onto the top of the glacier and pushes the rest of the snow down the mountain. It sounds like thunder when the glacier goes down the mountain.

It was so cold today. 

The three Torres del Paine 

The three Torres del Paine lookout was an amazing site and when the sun shines on the three Torres del Paine it looks like an animal that looks like a bird of some sort😊

Our big walk was huge!😰. We camped in the snow the snow was fun we threw snow balls at daddy😈!we were planing to go from the campsite las toras all the way back to the car and when we were driving out of the car park we got car we got an ice-cream!

when the wind blowed over the lake it looked like there was a mini willy willy.

when I got to the car I felt tired and happy.

It was hard work!😰