The glacier Perito Mereno was awesome we used our own super powers to make a chunk of ice fall and It worked (it was loud!) 5km wide 60m high that’s how high Perito Mereno is.

A glacier is a really long bit of snow and ice. Sometimes they can be on water but most of the time they are in mountains. When it snows, the snow goes onto the top of the glacier and pushes the rest of the snow down the mountain. It sounds like thunder when the glacier goes down the mountain.

It was so cold today. 


2 thoughts on “Glaciers!

  1. Hi Xavier, we all want to know what super power you used and how you made the ice fall. We have been very busy with lots of visitors – Police, fire, ambulance, dentist and dog handlers. We are looking forward to our holidays. Missing you heaps!
    Hugs from 1C

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  2. Hi Xavier,
    It must have been fantastic to stand where you are standing in the photo above! SUPER POWERS???? Do tell! What did you do? Sounds interesting.
    Nonna xx
    I look forward to your next post………..

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