The three Torres del Paine 

The three Torres del Paine lookout was an amazing site and when the sun shines on the three Torres del Paine it looks like an animal that looks like a bird of some sort😊

Our big walk was huge!😰. We camped in the snow the snow was fun we threw snow balls at daddy😈!we were planing to go from the campsite las toras all the way back to the car and when we were driving out of the car park we got car we got an ice-cream!

when the wind blowed over the lake it looked like there was a mini willy willy.

when I got to the car I felt tired and happy.

It was hard work!😰


3 thoughts on “The three Torres del Paine 

  1. What an adventure you are having! The three mountains are amazing and then icecream after camping in the snow! I will make sure I show the class these pictures tomorrow. Safe travelling.
    from Ms Morris


  2. Dear Xavier,
    I think you really deserved an ice cream after such after such a hard, long walk. The photo above is spectacular. Thank you.
    Nonna xx


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