I climbed a volcano!!!! 
We went on a huge walk to a volcano called Chaiten.  On the way to the top of the volcano there was bad weather! At the top of the volcano it was scary because it was windy and cold and because it was really steep, there was a huge drop off on both sides. At the top of the volcano we had to turn back because it was too windy and cold and it was raining very heavily and there was some hail. There were these tiny creeks going down where we needed to go to the bottom of the volcano. I walked in them and my shoes were wet. 
When the volcano bubbled lava out it hit the beautiful dome of the volcano. 

In April, 2008, the earth quakes stated to wobble the volcano Chaiten. On May 2nd, 2008 volcano Chaiten did a huge eruption. It covered the whole town of Chaiten in ash. Everyone was evacuated before the ash hit the town. No one died. 


One thought on “Volcano

  1. Oh Xavier – what wonderful adventures you are having! Sometimes it sounds like hard work – walking for six hours to and on the Glacier, but what great memories you will have! You will have to explain to the class when you get back what Crampons are! We are really enjoying your photos. Have fun!


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