bolivian thermal baths. 

Today we went to two thermal baths.  
😀.  At the first bath there were these bugs that lived on the algae. When they bite you they itch you. At the first one before we went into the thermal bath there was a lake covered in ice. We broke into the ice and we threw the ice on the lake. Overnight when we were camping it was like about -10degreesC. In the tent my drink bottle froze. 
We then packed up and drove to the next thermal bath. It was awesome. The feel of the water was really nice. It was really nice and warm. It was heated by the super hot water under the ground. It then bubbled out to the thermal bath. 

It was Holly’s fourth birthday when we went to the thermal baths. We got her a my little pony and her name was princess Cadence.


3 thoughts on “bolivian thermal baths. 

  1. Wow Xavier, sounds like you are doing lots of amazing things. We’re spending the weekend up in the High Country doing some tracks. Tell Happy Birthday from us.

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  2. Xavier – I have never been in a thermal pool before! Was it really hot? Could you see/feel the water bubbling up out of the ground? I will show the class these photos this week. We have started learning about the past and comparing it to now – toys, cooking, getting around, school, home life and playing. Lots of fun. The grade have started to count down the weeks until you get back!
    Love from Ms Morris


  3. Hi Xavier,
    I love the photo of you holding a handful of lava. Did Mummy ever tell you her Grandma brought back a handbag made from an armadillo? Your photos are very interesting. Keep enjoying this amazing trip.
    Aunty Therese


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