the stars at night

We went to see an observatory.(it was awesome). It is a big telescope that looks at stars. At the end of the tour we bought some stickers. 

We also went to a mini observatory at night. We looked at Jupiter, and lots of stars. I could see the Milky Way and the Southern Cross. We also saw two shooting stars or meteors.


volcanoes and scorpions. 

 We were camping in the middle of nowhere in a national park(it was a volcano national park).
We climed a volcano on Bens birthday.   When we climed the volcano it was hard. 
When we were camping in the middle of nowhere we saw two scorpions and we also saw cactii.

Two armadillos

When we were driving we saw two armadillos in one day! Thay were about the size of a soccer ball. They can run very fast such little things!


We also saw millions of penguins. we had to stay close to mummy and daddy because of Pumas. Pumas will eat children.